In the United States, the average male height is 5'9.5"
This blog celebrates short men and posts men who fall under that average height.

Anonymous asked: Usual blog visitor here, something that just bugged me a lil about an entry a couple of weeks back. The one with the LL topic, if it's such a sensitive subject for you then why taint it with such of an opinion? I suggest researching further about it because it is, I believe far from such 'malpractice' as put. Id get the whole MMT community to flood and blog your site if I could lol but I'm just kidding, yea I suggest doing some research about it. Just something that bugged me. Keep it up though.

I have done a lot of research and I’m not “against” it, as I said, “everyone is free to do what they will with their bodies and their lives and not to be judged”. However I am not going to support it on a blog that is about embracing being a short male. And I have talked to people who have had it and deeply regret it, I even talked to someone who lost his ability to walk as a result of it, and I’ve talked to doctors about it. There is a reason so few doctors are willing to perform it. In fact when I was doing my research I could only find 3 hospitals in the entire country that will do it. And the doctors that do it, a lot of them say really disturbing things about short men. I read an article and one surgeon that does it was describing how “awful” it must be to be a male and 5’3”, really disparaging to short men, not okay. Some people are really happy after the surgery, I read something by a guy who was 4’11” and got it to be 5’2” and was happy, also read about a 5’8” guy who got it to be 5’11”, paid 120k for that and saw it as an “investment for his business career”. He was happy with the results. Hey, a lot of women who get plastic surgery are very happy with their results (and I don’t judge them/I’m not anti-plastic surgery), but would a website created as a positive space to improve women’s body image post stuff that is pro-plastic surgery? Probably not.

Similarly, this blog is about making people feel good and confident about their height, embracing being short. So why would I post things in support of cosmetic surgery to make oneself taller? I never and would never say anything negative about someone who chose to get LL for cosmetic reasons, but then I have people writing in to me who are pro-LL and saying awful things about short men and that’s not okay! I went through a lot of shit in my life to feel comfortable and confident with my height and I want to spread that to other people, I don’t want people to come to my blog and be bombarded with stuff about how they can “fix” their short stature. I pass no judgment on people who get cosmetic leg lengthening procedures for short stature but I’m not going to go out of my way to support it on this blog and I’m not going to lie about my personal opinion when people are constantly sending me questions about cosmetic leg lengthening. 99% of the questions I get about LL I do not post because they are not relevant, but then someone sent me a question that was in support of my blog but also said something about LL as a “fixture” and that made me very uncomfortable and I felt compelled to respond.

I don’t think I said anything controversial about LL. All I said is that it is dangerous and most doctors won’t perform it (this is fact) and that “this blog does not support the belief that there is something wrong with being short, that it should be shamed or viewed as something needing to be corrected”

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